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Beautiful visits from those passed and spooky quantum physics

Many family members have sat at the bedside of a dying loved one. What they may not have anticipated is an end-of-life experience (ELE) – also called shared death experiences (SDE’s) or shared crossings (SC’s). These experiences can include pre-death premonitions, pre or post-death synchronicities, shared death experiences, or shared crossings. They can occur at the beside of the dying, but they are more often experienced remotely.

What do these experiences look like? Here are several scenarios:

Scenario One

Sitting beside a dying parent may bring on an experience of the lucid parent talking and gesturing to a previously passed loved one or friend. The witness, or perfectly healthy adult child of the dying parent senses a presence or sees vapour. The witness may ask the dying parent to confirm who they are speaking with and also gain some evidential information from the encounter.

“My Dad was speaking to an old friend, Skip, who had passed 10 years previous. They were making jokes and laughing. When I asked Dad a question about Skip he put up his hand to say ‘wait a minute’ and then he told Skip I was there, and had a question for him, which Skip did answer through my Dad.”

Scenario Two

A fellow is having a brew with his golf buddies following their game. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees his son, who is supposed to be hundreds of miles away. He quickly excuses himself and follows the person he thought was his son. As he turns a corner, no one is there. He returns to his golf buddies, and shortly after his phone rings. It is his son calling. He picks it up but there is only static. He thinks this is very unusual, so he excuses himself again to call his son back. He hears endless ringing. He has an odd feeling that something is not right. He then heads home to find that his wife has just received a call, their son has been in a serious car accident, several hours from their home. They leave, and on the four-hour drive to the hospital, he senses that his son has died. When they arrive at the hospital, it is confirmed, their son did pass away at the exact time he sensed his son’s passing.

Scenario Three

A young man is studying in his apartment. Suddenly, he feels himself lift out of his body. He immediately sees his Dad, who had been ill for some time. His Dad looks younger, and free of his illness. They start talking to each other as they float toward a beautiful garden. A large white translucent figure opens the garden gate. The son has a strong sense that he cannot go further, but that the angel will look after his Dad. His Dad confirms he has the same feeling. They say their good-byes, and his Dad floats toward the garden, through the gate, and is led through the garden. Eventually they lift up, floating higher and higher as two bright white translucent figures. The son suddenly feels a whooshing sound and he is back in his apartment. He immediately calls his sister, who has been sitting vigil with his father, and confirms his Dad passed only a few minutes earlier.

Scenario Four

A week after her husband’s passing, a woman picks up the house phone. Oddly, call display says her number is calling her. All she hears on the phone is static. She puts down the phone and calls the phone company. She tells them what happened. They say it is impossible for your phone to call you. She hangs up, and feels the presence of her dead husband. At the same time, her daughter, who has been within view this whole time, declares that she can smell cigarette smoke. The husband was the only smoker in the family. Suddenly, the cat, who was close to her husband, squeals and rushes from the room. And then she hears her husband’s voice, “I am here and everything is all right.”

How does modern-day materialist science explain these phenomena?

These communications are purely non-local phenomena, those involving consciousness—in this case, that of the dying person— functioning beyond the boundary of the physical body (van Lommel, 2013). These communications appear to flout the usual limits of time and space: A dying person’s loved one is seemingly affected by, or actually perceives, the dying person instantaneously (time) at a distance (space) from the dying physical body during the period surrounding irreversible physical death. Even though numerous communications of this type have been documented, current materialist science cannot provide a plausible explanation for them (Fenwick, 2010; Pereira & Reddy, 2016b, Pereira & Reddy, 2017). 

What does spooky quantum physics have to do with explaining ELE’s, SDE’s or SC’s? 

A potential explanation for such non-local events is the possibility of a universal informational system that functions via a quantum holographic system (Hameroff & Chopra, 2012; Marcer & Schempp, 1997; Mitchell, 2016; Mitchell & Staretz, 2011; Wolf, 1994). Physicists are currently exploring and attempting to understand phenomena that go beyond the laws of Newtonian physics governing the gross material world. Many experiments in the field of quantum physics are opening up an understanding of processes beyond the limits of the body whereby information can be stored and transferred non-locally across various accessible dimensions beyond the limits of space and time. 

Quantum entanglement of low-energy particles could interact even outside the body, suggesting NDEs and thereby indicating the existence of a quantum soul (Hameroff & Chopra, 2012), which could be extended to the phenomena of ELEs. 

In such cases the dying could be understood to bring about information transfers by means of the non-local characteristics of consciousness. Most ELEs occur between two individuals who are connected at an emotional level. This connection creates quantum entanglement that potentiates informational exchange of the contents of their consciousness, with each information (or memory) unit acting within a quantum hologram (Fenwick, 2010; Wolf, 1994). (Pereira, Letter to the Ed, Journal of Near-Death Studies, 2016)

Seeing a ghostly or angelic presence of your Granny may not be that weird. All mystical or anomalous phenomena may be impacted by spooky quantum physics. 

Reports seem to confirm that a nonlocal experience can also occur during an out-of-body episode when an NDEr’s consciousness, independently of the body, can provide instant access to whichever place he or she is thinking of. It seems to be possible to have a nonlocal connection with other people’s consciousness as well as with the thoughts and feelings of deceased friends and family and to communicate with them by way of thought transfer. To their utter confusion, NDErs [following the NDE] often retain this ability for nonlocal connection. Without really wanting to, they can still communicate beyond time and space. This is known as heightened intuitive sensitivity [or nonlo cal information exchange]. Scientific studies of near-death experience seem to show that various aspects of an NDE correspond with or are analogous to some of the basic principles from quantum physics [emphasis added]. (p. 207)  (van Lommel, Letter to the Ed, Journal of Near-Death Studies, 2019)

The next time you sense a presence, hear a voice, or see something that “doesn’t make sense”, try not to dismiss it out of fear or disbelief. It just may be that science has an answer right around the corner. For more on quantum consciousness check out “I see energy. . . “

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