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Develop your Personal Integration Strategy

Create a personal integration strategy to make sense of new awareness from your spiritually transformative experience. If you are confused, frustrated, or blissfully disconnecting from life as you knew it, this is the time. If not now, when?

Thewisdomofus is a portal of shared wisdom. You will find greater understanding, personal wisdom, and divine guidance through the resources, ideas, conversations, stories, and opportunities here. They exist for you to expand your awareness, and make sense of expanded awareness. For those who have experienced an OBE, NDE, SNDE, or other spiritually transformative experience, this site was designed for you. You will better understand and manage the impacts of your increased awareness, enabling peace of mind.

If you are just beginning to explore your own wisdom or you have bountiful, awe-inspiring wisdom to impart, there is something here for each of you. From spiritual neophyte to elder shaman, this is a site for gathering and sharing.

Do you have a desire to expand your awareness?

If this describes you, the Unveiling Wisdom links and resources are here for you. Here you will find blogs, resources and activities designed from the neophyte spiritual explorer (NSE) to those further along on their journey. At the end of each blog you will find links to further reading, listening or watching – there’s something there for everyone.

Do you want to learn about suspending your perspectives and beliefs?

Suspending doesn’t mean challenging, changing or casting off beliefs or perspectives. Suspending, in the way I use it, is “to hold in an undetermined or undecided state awaiting further information”

If you are ready to suspend, then consider how to make that happen. What actions will you need to take to seek out further information? You may want to start with the science, divinity and personal accounts of consciousness.

Do you feel you need to understand how to integrate your STE, NDE, OBE, etc?

Let’s frame the moment: you’ve had an STE and feel a range of confusing emotions. You may have many questions. A common question is how do I deal with the experience? I feel like I don’t know what to do or even have the capacity to handle this.

Fortunately for you, fantastic resources from previous experiencers have been developed to guide and encourage your integration. That is why it is important to explore, share and learn with others.

There are generally four broad categories of integration. Don’t worry about how long each of the four integration phases takes. Just know that you are in the right place at the right time to fully benefit from this seemingly confusing experience.

Ready to do the work of integration but need a safe, validating space and the benefit of a guide?

Welcome to journey-coaching. We take the walk together through the four phases of integration.

You will be validated, supported, and challenged in respectful, thoughtful and helpful ways.

You will find clarity and confidence in your path forward.

You will not be alone in your journey to gain understanding of why this happened to you.

You will make sense of your spiritually transformative experience, and the aftereffects.