Inspiration for thewisdomofus

Inspiration can be found in the darkest time, and so it is true for this website. The question posed to me from my wise adult daughter was “why don’t you take all that you have learned and share it”. Herein, I have ventured beyond my limited human experience, sharing resources focused on some of the most important questions of our time:

  1. How can I live fearlessly in love and light?
  2. Are paranormal experiences a natural part of the human experience?
  3. Does consciousness continue after death?
  4. What about the intersection of faith, spirituality, belief and science?

Many more answers are available to us all, but perhaps they just lead to more questions. . .

A little about me. . . when not engaged in spiritual exploration, coaching or writing, I am outside enjoying the lake or the natural wonders of Nova Scotia. I love spending time, and delicious organically grown, locally harvested food, with family and friends. My favorite vice is dark chocolate with hazelnuts.

After years of what I will refer to as Mary Poppins Syndrome, I have, mostly, moved beyond the desire to pop into a situation as a fixer (eating spoonfuls of sugar, carrying a large carpet-bag, and a parachuting in under a black umbrella have never been part of my persona). While building inclusive leadership teams as Executive Director and Director of Development for not-for-profit organizations, my Poppins modus operandi worked quite well. The successes in those organizations was built on the premise that we do not live, work or play in a solo production. The same holds true for

I bring to you decades of collected wisdom from masterful thinkers, a safe space for you to reveal a spiritual secret you’ve been harbouring, and action items to help explore your journey while unveiling the wisdom of your spirit. As Frank Borman, former NASA Astronaut said, “exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.” And we have lift off. . .

In love, light and gratitude,