Develop your Personal Integration Strategy

Integrative Coach, Deborah Conner, offers three workshops covering the four phases of integration following a spiritually transformative experience (OBE, NDE, SDE, psychedelic experiences, etc).

How do I know the Phase One workshop is for me?

How do I know the Phase Two workshop is for me?

How do I know the Phase Three workshop is for me?

Phase One Integration: Help!!! What just happened to me?

“I am so amazed by the out-of-body experience I had, I just want to talk about it all the time. The problem is, not many people really want to hear about it. I don’t think they believe me.”

“I am a wreck. I am frustrated and overwhelmed by being around people who don’t understand my near-death experience”

“I don’t know why it happened, but after I took my Mom to the gates of heaven, I have these after-effects I have no idea how to live with.”

Phase One Integration: take the first steps toward your personal integration strategy. Begin to make sense of the new awareness resulting from your spiritually transformative experience. If you are confused, frustrated, or blissfully disconnecting from life as you knew it, this is the time. If not now, when?

Phase One
TBDRegistration includes:
⚡️2 hour interactive workshop: the “what”, the “why”, the “knowing”
⚡️Access to workshop PDF and notes following session
⚡️50% off 2 individual coaching sessions

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Phase Two Integration: Give me some space people!

“I think I’ll pass on your party. I just want to read this book on personal transformation.”

“I am still the same person. I still love you, but I came back with a mission and I’ve got to fulfill it.”

“Yes, I know we agreed to find a bigger house, but what do you think about living in a Yurt on an Island in the Pacific and homeschooling our children?”

Phase Two Integration: clarify life purpose by redefining the life and activities you once enjoyed. Take the time to reflect on values, and make space for reframing your life based on your new awareness.

Phase Two
Registration includes:
🥁Two hour interactive workshop: reframing without blame or shame
🥁Access to workshop PDF and notes following session

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Phase Three & Four Integration: My choices don’t align with my old life

“My worldview has changed for the better, but I find I am still struggling at times to rebuild my life.”

“I have been disavowed by people and institutions in my previous life because of my new understanding. It is difficult.”

“I was given a beautiful gift. I thought I had become enlightened, but I feel I have so far to go still.”

Phase Three/Four: compassionately release or restructure the relationships you’ve had with yourself, friends, family while actualizing your new worldview.

Phase Three/Four
TBDRegistration includes:
💫Two hour interactive workshop: release and embrace
💫Access to workshop PDF and notes following session

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