Afterlife or bookend life: challenge your perspective and beliefs.

Afterlife supposes a timeline: you live, you die, you go to the ever-after. It doesn’t leave room for before or between. But if you’ve ever experienced a memory of the afterlife, or had a near-death experience, you will know there is continuity of consciousness. Consciousness existed before you were born into this lifetime, and indeed, between multiple lifetimes.

Consider bookends: they sit upon a shelf, standing tall, allowing each book to rest upright, creating easy access. Bookends enfold books, protecting them from disarray and damage. I like to think each life is a book in an ever-evolving library of book lifetimes, full of adventure, mystery and intrigue. Each is a fully independent volume, but yet each one ascribes to a set of unseen structures imposed upon them by the creator or scribe. The bookends, ever-present, hold each life-volume for easy reference.

What of this unseen scribe?

Who is the creator of this life book?

Let’s explore where science and consciousness meet.

We humans think of life and death as “this” and “that”; the knowable and the unknowable. Is it possible this thinking limits our perspective and therefore, our experience? Author Gary Zukav suggests this is true. “Experience itself is never so limited. There is always an alternative between every “this” and every “that”. The recognition of this quality of experience is an integral part of quantum logic”.

In his book, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Zukav dives deep into quantum logic through an exploration of physics and consciousness. He concludes with the fact that the universality of classical logic does not reflect the nature of reality. Instead, what he suggests, with the support of quantum logic, is that the mind informs reality, rather than reality informing the mind. “In a sense, the philosophy of physics is becoming indistinguishable from the philosophy of Buddhism, which is the philosophy of enlightenment.”

If we are that which is, part of an all-pervasive oneness, we are an energy consciousness that does not die. Furthermore, if we create our reality, life and death are what we make of them. We are the scribe, the creator of our book. If you perceive life and death as rigid, time-bound constructs, you would be correct, in your reality. Or you may see them as timeless and fluid. You would also be correct, in your reality.

In near-death research, out of body research, and after-death communication experiences, it has been shown that death is not a “that”. What we describe as “the afterlife” is knowable, and experience-able, in the absence of death. Likewise, following bodily death, our dis-embodied consciousness is aware and experiencing. In fact, on many occasions of physical death and revival, dis-embodied consciousness has been described by being more real than this life we call reality.

It’s as if life and death are bookends, in a vast library of books. We can create profound experiences at any “age” in our life which serve to transform or enlighten us. Wisdom is not a result of age, but of experience, which is only limited by perception and belief. Experience is also not time-bound, because we can source wisdom from other dimensions and previous lives. Experience exists in our energy consciousness (spirit/soul).

If you want to become wise, accept that your divine self is wisdom.

The wisdom of transformation and infinite self-knowledge lives inside you.

Building a bridge to that wisdom will require you to change your perspective and suspend your beliefs. Cultivating an open perspective and believing in all possibilities are the necessary elements for becoming attuned to your energy consciousness and all of the life books that consciousness has created.

The three most common conduits to energy consciousness are:

  1. Transformative spiritual experiences.
  2. Spiritual practice in which transformation is seeded and nurtured.
  3. Energy work.

While number 2 & 3 are progressed by intention and attention, transformative spiritual experiences are often spontaneous.

If you are one of almost 20% of the general population who has experienced a spiritual transformation, you may have already started down the path to changing perspective through a forced suspension of your previously held beliefs. Or, you may be a person who cultivates mystical knowledge, and have come to a suspension of culturally imposed beliefs on your own. Either way, you are on the path to integrating and living in your new divine wisdom – the wisdom of all. You are cultivating the ability to tap into divine and be informed by it.

If you have knowledge of the afterlife, it has informed your perspective, and likely challenged your beliefs. As perspective and beliefs are suspended, you may be seeking a way forward through the confusion that is the new you. That new you is the integrator, the creator, the scribe.

This is your opportunity to apply the “bookend” life lessons to create expanded wisdom.

Are you stuck in this journey alone? Never.

There are always others on a similar path. Others who have successfully integrated new perspective and live in a sharply focused “now”. Check out my blog on Integration (hyperlink) to understand the process of becoming the new you.

If you are actively pursuing spiritual practice, or energy work, and you’ve come to a place of knowing – congratulations! There are many more dimensions of spiritual experience waiting for you! Those devoted to a particular spiritual practice may benefit from other channels of energy, particularly if you have hit a plateau in your current practice. Enjoy the freedom of exploring new modalities, teachers, guides and coaches.

As a coach, I help people tap into their inner and eternal creator. Thewisdomofus is an interplay, a synergy, between coach and client. I invite clients to explore possibilities designed to enable the source of wisdom within. In this shared journey, you are never alone.

If you are seeking further perspective on the “afterlife”, consult The International Association of Near-Death Studies. Their resources and links provide an opportunity to expand perspective and suspend beliefs, as you work to integrate new wisdom into your current life experience.

For further reference: International Association of Near Death Studies

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